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Two Piece Urostomy Bags

Thanks to their flexible adaptor, the can be attached easily. Easy and comfortable usage; and with their hydrocolloid texture, they are skin-friendly and scent-proof. By using the tap under the pouch, the excretion is simply done. After manufacturing process, the are quality controlled and get ready for the safe utilization for the patients.

Product Speciliaties

  • Flexible and extra slim hydrocolloid; prevents the uric acid from irritating the skin.
  • It can be cut beforehand according to the largeness of the wound. It is gradational.
  • Almost totally sound proof membrane is also scent proof.
  • Soft and water proof. Stiffening cloth texture prevents sweating and provides drying as soon as it gets wet.
  • Special tap for safe and easy excretion. No risk of leakage.
  • Easily orienting to the curves by support of the micropore

Product Images

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