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Two Piece Ileostomy Bags

Easily attachable thanks to its flexible adaptor. The hopper-bottomed bags, with their hydrocolloid texture, are easily adhesive to the skin without irritation. Safe and comfortable usage; and scent-proof. Thanks to the clips used, the bags which are emptied can be closed easily and simply. After manufacturing process, the are quality controlled and get ready for the safe utilization for the patients.

Product Speciliaties

  • %100 hydrocolloid layer; flexible and does not irritate the skin. Adhesive to skin and easily removable
  • Soft and water proof. Stiffening cloth texture prevents sweating and provides drying as soon as it gets wet.
  • Almost totally sound proof membrane is also scent proof.
  • It can  be cut beforehand according to the largeness of the wound. It is gradational.
  • Optional the carbon filtered bags prevents smeell and prevents the bag from swelling out.
  • Opaqueness which does not show inside the pouch.
  • Easily orienting to the curves by support of the micropore.

Product Images

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