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SALUT health products were established in 2009 with 100% domestic capital for the production of medical products and for the export and domestic sales of these products.

The main production subject is the ostomy products and sterilization rolls and envelopes, which are a special product as a starting point.

Production is carried out at international standards and this is documented shortly after the establishment of ISO 13485. We are excited to be the pride of our country in the world markets with the products that will be imported to our country, to produce with domestic capital, to develop products with health professionals and to compete with abroad.

Our company will take stronger steps with our customers, suppliers and employees, and most importantly, with our people, we will proceed to the future and its targets with big steps.

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We produce brand new and high quality products.
We continue to offer you the best service in our new location in Avcılar Firuzköy.
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